Oh My English! - Oh My English! Cast
Tajuk Lagu/ Song Title: Oh My English!
Artis/ Artist: Oh My English! Cast
Album/ Info: Oh My English! Season 2 OST 2013 Astro TViQ & Astro Mustika HD

Video Muzik/ Music Video: Oh My English! - Oh My English! Cast

Lirik Lagu/ Lyrics: Oh My English! - Oh My English! Cast
Oh My English! Oh My!
Oh My English!..

What's a verb and what's a noun
Learn the answer, write it down
Find out more, just stick around
Oh! Let's stick around
Learn along with us
Oh My English!
Yeah yeah yeah

Hey there come meet the teachers
You'll be amazed at all their best features

Cikgu Ayu so sweet
Yeah she's so neat

Mr Middleton's cool
Can't wait to get to school

Puan Hajar help you start
She'll make you so smart

Cikgu Malik's a hero
No way you'll be a zero

And it's E to the M-S, E to the M-S
He's gotta be the best
Like, totally the best!

Uh wup wup wup wup
Totally the best!
Yeah, yeah, yeah

[Repeat Chorus]

Oh My English!