12 Nov 2012

Cinta Itu Buta - Chaotic Crew

Cinta Itu Buta - Chaotic Crew
Tajuk Lagu/ Song Title: Cinta Itu Buta
Artis/ Artist: Chaotic Crew
Album/ Info: Single 2012

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Lirik Lagu/ Lyrics: Cinta Itu Buta - Chaotic Crew
Cinta itu buta
Membuatkan aku gila
O o oh o o oh
Jangan sampai ku jatuh cinta

Roses are red, violets are blue
Never would I met another girl like you
Berpusing-pusing pening kepalaku
Keranaku sudah jatuh cinta denganmu

If I was Mickey would you be my Minnie?
If I was Peter Pan would you be my Wendy?
And if I was Spiderman would you be my Mary Jane?
I buy you a teddy bear we can dance in the rain

[Indian Verse]

[Chinese Verse]

And no matter how near
Or no matter how far
No matter where you at
And no matter where you are
Oh pretty lady you are my shining star
And I love you like just the way you are

[Ulang Chorus]x2

Ring ring the telephone is ringing
Pickup the call listen who is singing
Girl I love you more than Romeo and Juliet used to do
I love to dedicate this love song for you

[Indian Verse]
Can you be my honey is not so relevant
[Indian Verse]
I am your man just [Indian Verse]

So asalkan kamu jadi bidadariku
Night in the nightmare jadilah hidupku
[Indian Verse] can you be my boo
I just wanna say that I love you

Cinta padamu takkan dilukaiku
Every single day I live I'll think about you
I was born in this world to say that I love you
Jadi bila kamu akan berada di sisiku?

Running in a garden of roses
So there is pretty looking fine like a lordes
Got my eyes glued none heard lost my focus
Just found the magic like hocus-pocus

When I lost my ---
Now I lost my mind coz of you baby
And I'm crazy in love for our bidadary
So take my hand sand say E. Presly
XoXo like tic-tac-toe
I want you in my life just hope you know
I'm not telling lies like Pinocchio
Let me tell you one more time [Chinese Verse]
Me and you will help each other
No matter what happens we stays together
Even if the world end it doesn't matter
Coz I love you like forever and ever

Loving you is wrong
I don't wanna be right
And it doesn't really matter who I got to fight
When you do be by my side and say that you would mine
It's when I'm with you just how we'll always shine

I want everyone to see that you're the one for me
And I'll never forget you like ---
You always look fine you are my natural high
And if I'm with you it's always hard to say goodbye

To me you're priceless even more than gold
In my life you played the starring role
They say that the eyes witness to the soul
So look to my eyes and you will know

Ho yeah hoo

[Ulang Chorus]x3