15 Jun 2012

# Shmee150's 2012 Gumball 3000 Playlist

2012 Gumball 3000 By Shmee150

Location: New York, Toronto, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Santa Fe, Las Vegas, Los Angeles

Follow my epic adventure on the 2012 Gumball 3000 Rally from New York to Los Angeles, coast to coast across the United States and Canada. I joined Team Habibeez and their Rolls Royce Drophead, 2 Ghosts, McMerc SLR and Mercedes GL450 support car for the incredible journey.

This Shmee Special episode at 50 minutes long covers the entire trip from arriving in New York until the cars rest up in Los Angeles. For more of a personal look at the car events I get up to over the year please also follow my vlog channel: http://www.youtube.com/mrshmee150

Thanks for watching, Tim

Nothing Like Captain Crunch by Broke For Free http://bit.ly/M5EqpI
Calm the Fuck Down by Broke For Free http://bit.ly/KU0lw0
Caught in the Beat by Broke For Free http://bit.ly/LIo9SC
Hella by Broke For Free http://bit.ly/KH3l2y
High School Snaps by Broke For Free http://bit.ly/LblpOy
Our Ego (Feat Different Visitor) by Broke For Free http://bit.ly/MnsIBp
Drop of Water in the Ocean by Broke For Free http://bit.ly/LaeV47
Living in Reverse by Broke For Free http://bit.ly/LEZFvS
At The Count by Broke For Free http://bit.ly/Ly2hNp
Simple Hop by Broke For Free http://bit.ly/LEZPmO